Our Community

          Kala Kusha is solely an art company providing a unique and accessible fine arts experience with programs focused on art education. It has been working with group of self motivated youths who are entirely devoted towards art for the community, increasing access and providing innovative art experiences for the new generation.
          Kala Kusha aims to work with the society for its betterment along with the preservation of the environment by proper management of waste materials and enhancement of self awareness in people. It tends to empower student by providing life-long skills via fully planned annual curriculum for art classes, art workshops and after school programs.
It is working to spread awareness to the society about the emerging social issues through various forms of art. Painting on the walls for awareness; empowering community and collecting waste materials to make meaningful sculpture, furniture and such other artistic things is what Kala Kusha does. Hence, Kala Kusha believes in “Recycle”, “Re-use” and “Reduce”.
          It provides a full package of art facilities like wall painting / mural art; interior design; sculpture (Portrait and Compositions); relief (high, low and sink relief); installation art; painting (water colour, acrylic colour, and oil colour); graphic design; art, dance and music classes and workshops / camps (inside and outside valley); multimedia workshops (photography and videography); illustration and design; handicrafts (key rings, token of love, awards, bangles, ear rings, bamboo lampshades etc.); custom design vase, Tea Table and wall clocks; website; eco brick Merchandise, etc.

instaDIY is a printing company that lets you have an artistic touch to what you wear. The company says, “Why wear all those boring stuffs when you can wear what you feel through us.”  It is a place to get your favourite design off of your head and onto the apparels (t-shirts, hoodie, sweatshirts, sweaters, caps, etc) and accessories (bottles, batches, stickers, etc) of your choice.  The tagline of the company is #staybabaal which can be reflected in its products as well.  The products are of high quality and the service is awesome.

Sitashma Candle industry provides handmade candles of different sizes, shapes and scents. It generally make candles of nice scents – lemongrass, citronella, vanilla, rose, rosemary, jasmine, lavender, sandal wood and cinnamon. The founder, Mrs. Salina Luitel Gautam, established this company to empower the local women by teaching them lifelong
skills along with the generation of the income ofr being independant. The candles are totally handmade and are of premium quality with great scent and long life. She has been supported by his husband Mr. Sitaram Gautam Guru who is a music teacher. He has been teaching music to the students of rural villages for free and has been raising funds for providing them musical instruments. So, both of them are more focused on empowering the community.

Saroj Lamichhane is a highly recognised artist who has an experience for more than a decade in the field of art. He is believed to be one of the best and fastest visual artists. He has contributed in various fields like education, NGOs, INGOs, UN, etc through his art skills and also works as a motivational speaker. His artistic works inspire people as his works are mainly reflects life and its beauty.

The name of the artistis Paljang Lama from Dolpa. Staying in Boudha, he does paintings of Mandala, landscapes, abstracts, lifestyle, portraits and so on. His father is a great Thanka artist of Dolpa. Inspired by his father, Paljang is a dedicated and creative artist. His paintings are simple yet meaningful. His strength is in mandala and landscape paintings.

Bimala Gauchan is mother of three and a housewife. She has always been fascinated with the idea of making crafts and arts out of anything she can find lying around the house; newspapers, extra fabrics, threads and twines etc. She likes creating usable products out of them and coming up with new ideas.

Namrata Shrestha is a young, passionate and aspiring artist. She started paper crafting as her hobby. She holds mastery in preparing various objects, decorations, miniatures and a lot more via beautiful amalgamation of paper works.

Saugat Shrestha is studying ceramic since 2017 and he has made different types of pottery and sculptures. Passionate with pottery and sculptures, his works have already earned places in exhibitions at Siddhartha Art Gallery and Nepal Art Council. He is currently studying as a sculpture student at Srijana College of Fine Arts.

In 2019 Navaid Ahmed joined his family business of handcrafted jewelry which was fixated towards catering tourists and retailers outside nepal (China, USA, India, Canada, etc).

A year into the jewelry business, he got the firsthand experience of the craftsmanship of the dexterous artisans he was associated with. Most of the jewelry produced in Nepal were exported whereas imported jewelry had garnered utmost attention amidst Nepalese people. Since then he got driven to leverage his platform to promote the local artisans par excellence in our own country as they share the same caliber as to the international artisans. Maneuvering his way into this field, he got more and more insight into the technicality of the sublime art of jewelry making. Then he began working on the intricate patterns of our conventional jewelry designs by incorporating modern touch to it turning his imagination into reality. So at MIIR, he puts his relentless motive to create designs with an amalgamation of both modernity and antique ethnicity.

Tekka is a hub for a variety of Nepali products who thrive to mobilize local manpower and resources to create masterpieces that meet the needs of our customers. It is actually a movement aiming to promote sustainable livelihood in the villages of Nepal.
As per Tekka, “Nepal imports approximately 13 times more than it exports. The country has been incurring a loss in foreign trade due to a very high gap between import and export. Failure to promote import substitution industrialization and low domestic productivity has led to the increase in import. Every year the unemployment rate is rapidly increasing. And a very large number of youths are leaving the country every year. We believe our products to lead the future of the nation.”

Jholaa is an initiation to save the environment from plastic bags and promote habit to carry your own bag to all the women and girls of Nepal.